Shepherd Duties


  1. The clipboard will be on the bench by the CE Center door. Please, take attendance as soon as possible, but take a minute to meet the kids. The information is for fire drill and records. Please, keep the clipboard with you at all times. Return it to Wendy at the end of church.
  2. Collect any money left in the rooms. Give to the Sunday School Superintendent after church.
  3. Circulate in hallways and CE Center. Help teachers if needed.
  4. Distribute the snack to the classrooms and put things away after church. We have snacks available, but it is really helpful if you bring a snack with you. Fruit, crackers and cheese, pretzels, cookies, etc. are good choices. There are usually 10-15 children. Most are nursery age to about 12 but there are 2-5 older kids in the youth room next to the Saint James room.

Fire Drill or Emergencies: Shepherd assists with nursery and other children as needed. Safe spot is by Guide Bottle Exchange Box in front yard. ALL children and teachers are to get to that spot. Check attendance. Provide list to Fire Chief.