Committee Contacts

Minister  Christine Johnson
Clerk of Session Marilyn Henry
Treasurer Sabina Little
Secretary/Rentals Marlene Hare 366-5613
Choir Director Beverley Little
Board Chair Heather Donnelly
Sunday School/Shepherds Wendy Davis
Aaron Scott
Stewards Sherry Johnston 366-2814
Robbie Lister 366-1993
Trustees Ross Little
Nominating Committee Marcy Nichol 366-3390
Ministry and Personnel Jane Fiander
Manse Committee
Catering Margaret Roy 366-3363
Janet Watson 366-5378
UCW Gail MacDonald 366-3340
Lay-Readers Sherry Johnston 366-2814
Presbytery reps Heather Donnelly
Wendy Davis
Mission and Service Rose Wilkin 366-3249
Greeters Ann Lister 366-5355
Building Fund Janet Blair blairj@
Storm Committee Dorothy Bird 366-5733 rayb@
Bernice Messer 366-5766
Janet Watson 366-5378
Audio Visual Ed Christie 366-2811
Hilson Keirstead 366-3623